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Got 2 wedding invitations today and while scanning it, si mother nakiusyoso. “nu yan nak? invitation,kasal…ika man nak, nuarin?” at bilang mabuting anak, I juz replied…u look gutom mother, lezz eat! Ohbouy!

Got 2 wedding invitations today and while scanning it, si mother nakiusyoso. “nu yan nak? invitation,kasal…ika man nak, nuarin?” at bilang mabuting anak, I juz replied…u look gutom mother, lezz eat! Ohbouy!

Yan! Ganyan! Pahinga kung pahinga!

Yan! Ganyan! Pahinga kung pahinga!

January 23, 2014, Team Pahinga started the journey to Mt. Guiting-guiting (the only mountain in the Philippines that has the most difficult trail with the record of 10/10. At first, I was kind of hesitant because I don’t think I can (looking at the pictures and estimating my capabilities by reading blogs). Truly, God is an awesome God and I just can’t find the word that will fit how wonderful He is. His creation especially the mountains, the clouds, the rock formations, the rivers, the sunrise and so on makes me just become speechless when their beauty shone each moment when we were at the top of the mountain.



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What are you busy about now?as in now?literally at this moment?

Me…Making an outline for 2014??? :)))


What are you busy about now?as in now?literally at this moment?

Me…Making an outline for 2014??? :)))


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Last na pramis! Sa New Year na ulit :) #takawmode

Last na pramis! Sa New Year na ulit :) #takawmode

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Personal Challenge Taught me Lessons

This is supposed to be for my personal journal but I just can’t help myself sharing what I’ve learned yesterday when I decided to run from our House which is located in Pasig to our Church in Lacson Sampaloc Manila.

First, it’s kind of an impulsive decision that I made maybe due to boredom or something else, I can’t tell. Every Sunday when I go to church, I see older folks running along the road. I am not certain of their purpose but maybe the most obvious one is to be physically fit isn’t it? I am not sure where they started running that day and where they are heading. I told myself, I should try this one time, you know, to run from a certain place to another (without any intention of going back to the place of origin by foot, I must take a cab maybe) as I am use to jog in MOA, PICC, Quezon City Circle and even in BGC (pag may time) and it’s kind of redundant. You’re just in a particular place running either back and forth and or running around the area. THEN!…the decision was made…I must try something new now.

It was a stormy night (due to typhoon Santi) when I made the decision that whatever happen the next day, I will run from our home to the Church. I prayed for good whether and favor and so it was granted. At first, I am hesitant to continue knowing that it’s not going to be easy. It’s a 30-45 minutes ride so I must allocate 2 hours of running non-stop.

Woke up at 6am to prepare and I left home at exactly 7:30 am. I am so determined to push this even I am being bullied by  my friend asking me “Ano ba kasi ang gusto mong patunayan? You know what, I don’t believe you are serious in doing this and I bet, you can’t.” I left home with a smile on my face, saying the words “I can do it” not to her but to myself instead and utter a short prayer asking God to give me strength and courage and focus and what else… I actually asked for a lot of things which I can no longer remember.

So much for the introduction. Here you go!

Let’s start with my Dilemmas:

1. Should I run against the traffic flow or should I be on the other side? Left lane or right lane? Then I saw a footbridge and it’s like it is calling me, telling me “Hey I can be a good start while you are warming up”. So I took the bridge, go to the other side of the road and found myself running on the same direction with the cars.

2. Whoah! I cannot see if there are cars approaching and I am literally running on their right of way so if I got hit, it’s all my fault so I have to be extra careful and must be extra attentive. If I can hear cars approaching, I should move on the side walk. (I hate running on the sidewalk because there are a lot of people walking as if they own the area. They don’t care if they are too slow or what and doesn’t even care if they are blocking other people who are in a rush.)

3. Will I arrive before 9:00am for the Cell Group Meeting? I kinda smile at this thought and I started talking to myself (literally) while running/jogging. The things that started buzzing me was; I do not know which way to go, I mean I know the national road but the shortcuts or where the jeepneys are passing when I’m riding, nah! maybe I can trace it by landmarks that I use to see. There are crossroads and left and right turn.

4. What if I got sprain since I haven’t have a proper warm up and exercise, I haven’t run or jog for a while now and what if something happen to me while on the road since I’m alone? Oh no!

Despite these dilemmas, I continue running/jogging not to waste even a single second. I only have an hour and  thirty minutes to reach Sampaloc Manila by foot. After few minutes of running (duh! when I say few minutes, it’s like 5 minutes or less…LOL) I am seeing stars now and I am getting dizzy. I realised the road is somehow uphill and maybe that’s the reason why it was hard on the first few minutes. I continued till I reached the first crossroads. There’s a stop light of course but there are no cars so even it says I must stop (Red Light!) I still continued, then there’s a car hurrying. Hah! good thing I am already on the safe side.

Lesson: When you see a sign saying STOP, then you stop! Look and observe closer if there are cars coming. Open your ears and listen intently and since you are on a crossroads, your senses must be quick to distinguish where is the noise coming from. Would it be from your left, right or back. Most of us are so focused on what our eyes can see. Sometimes we tend forget to use other senses God has given us like the ears to listen and even our instinct and most especially our sense to recognised His presence.

While running, I have experienced and met obstructions that could stop me from running such as, human traffic, dizziness, tiredness, and most of all my mind keeps telling me to take a ride now to reach my destination. There are also jeepney drivers calling my attention to ride for free, some of them are even offering to buy me a scooter, how ‘s that? Isn’t it a great temptation and stumbling block? It may sound funny but we can relate this to our daily walk as a Christian or as an ordinary person. We are like runners that are looking forward to reach the destination at a given time but along the way we can experience so many troubles and hurdles but we must keep on pressing on and never forget your goal; “To reach your destination.”

Another realization that I just had during this run is that, I came across different types of people. 1. Some of them walk very very slow as if they don’t even know their destination.

This scene made  me imagine myself walking as slow as they are. I may not get tired at all but do I know the purpose of my walk? It’s like, that kind of walk is only for people who need not to work for their living… Forgive me for saying this but you might think that I am biased to them. What if they are just relaxing since it is weekend and they need to unwind? I realized that, but I am just trying to put this kind of walk in a picture of real life walk so spare me this moment please. These type of people I called Zombies :)

2. Some of them walk too fast and don’t even care if they bumped on to something or someone, they will continue walking as fast as they could, they don’t even care about the Stop light, they don’t even care risking their lives for being so reckless.

At some point, I saw a picture of me as one of them in a way that, I will get what I want, I will go on no matter what weather it may be, I will do it whatever it takes attitude. Yes, at some point it is good, being persistent is there but recklessness will kill you and your goals. What if you’re only running without checking the signs? What if because you’re so focused on your destination, you forgot that you don’t own the road and there are trucks that may struck you anytime? Aww! that is so painful.

3. Some are like me. :p They are also runners. But the sad thing here is that, they are on a direction opposite to mine.

It’s kind of ironic that I am happy we are on the same interest (running), we are on the same road, we maybe have the same goal, we maybe have set our target to come from this place and reach that place sort of thing but the fact is, we are not on the same direction, (Uh! why am I making this very hard to discuss) Oh! I’m running alone. Why can we run together so we can talk about so many things about your life, my life, your goal, my goal and everything under the sun.

Real Life scenario; Uphill and Downhill

Of course even if it is a national road, you cannot expect it to be as flawless as you could imagine. There are rough roads, curves, left and right turn, crossroads and the award goes to Uphill and Downhill!

It’s like an hour already when I realized that I’ve been through so many up and downhills. When it’s downhill, the tendency is for me to speed up to the best of my capability (I’m a sprinter back in High School by the way and I could run like 11.5 sec 100m dash, that was before, thank God I don’t need to prove anything anymore now. haha) I feel like flying and every step I made, I say thank you to the Lord for even I am still running, it’s like my sole is not touching the ground anymore. I feel so light and I can even sing while running even maybe I am catching my breath, the deal was I still can sing.

Now let’s talk about uphills, know what, I also realized that the the more I become so tired and that moment was so difficult already, I became more clingy to the Lord and compared to the downhill moments I had, I called the name of the Lord maybe 3x as much when I am going uphill. I keep seeking for the Lord to give more strength and endurance. I’m on the verge of giving up. The pain I feel in my abdomen is severe to the point of throwing up. It’s really difficult but since my mind is set to achieving the goal, I keep telling myself not to give up, that sooner or later, as long as I am running or even walking, I will reach the finish line.

LESSON: Then I told myself, truly, we seek God in times of difficult moments. We are weak, we need Him, we need to recognised that He is our source of everything. The most important thing you can do in this situation is pray and trust that He will answer your prayer.

Quoted from Rick Warren:

“Happy moments, PRAISE GOD

Difficult moments, SEEK GOD

Quiet moments, WORSHIP GOD

Painful moments, TRUST GOD

Every moment, THANK GOD”

The CrossRoads:

Funny that even I am sooooo tired then I reached the crossroads in V. Mapa, this passage suddenly came to my mind when I got lost direction. I do not know where to go:

Jeremiah 6:16

16 This is what the Lord says:

“Stand at the crossroads and look;ask for

the ancient paths,ask where the good way is,

and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.

But you said, ‘We will not walk in it.’

Yeah right!…So then I just stood up, look at the signboards on PUJs’ and I know for a fact that those that has a QUIAPO signage is what I need to focused on, check where they will go and follow their lead. Yes! I’m on track.

This Pastors….they are spending their lives running the race to win souls for God. The lessons that I learned in taking this challenge can be learned from them as well. They don’t need to teach you..You can see it in their lives. They are the best inspirations I have to continue running the race for God so as my Cell Leader.

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Bodyguards ko :))

Bodyguards ko :))

Bodyguards ko :))

Bodyguards ko :))

Expo2…Halaaa @rchellovesyou16 !  (at Sitio Lucia Resort, Hotel & Training Center)

Expo2…Halaaa @rchellovesyou16 ! (at Sitio Lucia Resort, Hotel & Training Center)